Instant loan with Jupiter’s On-Demand Salary 💰

Hello everyone :wave:

A few months ago, our Community members and users wanted loan options on Jupiter.

That’s when we started working on it and came up with On-Demand Salary where you can get Instant loans*

So, what is it and how does it work?

  • Select the loan amount
  • Choose repayment options
  • Withdraw the money you need in minutes, without any documents.

:money_mouth_face: 0% Interest if you repay in full next month

:innocent: 3-6 Months EMI at a nominal interest rate

:scroll: Zero pre-closure charges

:bar_chart: Build your credit score

Salary account holders have an exclusive benefit:

Their first two Instant Loan withdrawals with On-Demand Salary will have 0 processing fee on 1 month loan tenure. This is a salary account benefit. All other users have to pay a nominal processing fee.

We’ve built a 5 step process to get started

And viola :party_parrot:

What’s next? 🛣️

We want to improve your experience. That’s when we rely on our Community to guide us :handshake:
So I ask you, how should we improve your experience for a feature like an instant loan?

Some tips for how you can share your experience:

  • Accessibility
  • Process and steps involved
  • Rates/charges
  • UI/UX experience
  • Literally anything else that’s on your mind

Try it out!
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

*subject to risk eligibility

You can also have a look at our recent post on advance salary here: Advance Salary Loan Online


@Cortisoul Monthly EMI pre-payment option is missing. I can see only full payment option.

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I tried this but found no use , as you putted me wait list even having credit score above 750.
You should provide small limit if you have risk or trust so user can use and repay to win your trust
But without even small limit it is of no use to me.

Where we can find this option?

Can I get loan on Jupiter

No🙅‍♂️ Jupiter is Neo bank who can’t provide Loan or Credit Card Services

@Omkar18 @Harsh_Matal We have a feature called On Demand Salary. You can borrow funds and repay before the due date. Some of us call it an instant loan :slight_smile:

We’ve released this feature to a larger audience. It’s not specific to salary account holders anymore, even PRO users can see it.

Try it out!

Have you considered peer to peer lending?

Maybe a product where Jupiter customers can deposit money, and Jup can lend it to the folks who want it (provided there is enough security lol).

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jupiter edge ??

Lol I’ve never used it, so I wouldn’t know. :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, P2P lending is the flavor of the season. We’ve the likes of CRED Mint, BharatPe 12% Club, Lenden etc.

Expect Jupiter to introduce a full-fledged lending offering down the line. It’s where these companies make money!

this feature is my fav because some months, you do be going over your spend limit. :face_with_peeking_eye:
From a UI experience, I’d say have a more visible callout section for this, currently it’s kinda nestled away in a small section

From a user experience, absolutely love it, would not want it any other way :partying_face:

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Went throught the hassle with HR to get my salary account changed because i wanted ODS feature only to find out after switching that i have been out on waitlist with no time period.

Basically the main thing i switched for isn’t available :man_facepalming:t2:

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How can I apply for a loan in my Jupiter account

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Hello sudhanshu ,

This is to tell you I opened my salary acount 5 months ago in your Jupiter but i tried for loan but it’s not working everytime as per Jupiter commitments so I made my life biggest mistake I changed my salary account from axis to your bank . I decided again to transfer my salary acount from Jupiter now and this is for your knowledge that your bank made false statements so please don’t commite false to anyone

Thank you

As i Jupiter Pro user need this feature too

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No use !! Converted my old salary account to Jupiter for the ods but as other marketing campaigns this turned out to be a damp squib!
Will be revering to axis… feature doesn’t work and puts me on waitlist for over 7 months now!!


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card is not received by the courier team

U can track by the tracking id , u aren’t receive the tracking id ? @Sumbria

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Hello please change my phone number in account