On-demand salary feature is released or not?

I am a Jupiter pro salary account holder and as of today my salary got credited to Jupiter account for 4 months. On-demand salary feature shows that it gets unlocked after 3 salary credits. Just wondering if the feature is released to any users or yet to release. If yet to release, can I know the timeline? Also how is it different from credit users get from Jupiter Edge. Thanks in advance and Happy Weekend folks.


No. Customer care told me that they are still working on it as if they are running the beta version amd testing.

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Hey @anjankumarmj , this is Shriram and I am part of the Customer Experience Team at Jupiter. Will connect with you through DM.


Still in beta stage. didn’t get any update on it.

Any update on on-demand salary?

Hey @niranjan_kumar Only pro salary account holders get access to ODS. Do you own a pro salary account? :thinking:

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I have salary account with Jupiter. I am pro member.

Oh! Got it. @niranjan_kumar
Let’s check why it’s not visible for you.

Let’s connect via private messages.

My accounts is convertes to ODS ,but I’m usable to use the feature.

@Rahul_Tripathi Let’s get this checked. I’ll need a few details and will connect you privately on DM.

Ok please connect on DM

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I have used two times when they were on beta testing, I am not a salary account holder but a pro / verified account holder,
I have withdrawn a 7k and 9k, both were successfully credited in few seconds after completing the steps, repayment was directly debited (auto debit) from salary account (ICICI).

hello All, I am using salary advace saving account pro past 4 months . But still anytime salary option is not enabled. Can you please check


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Sure @sadath, Let’s connect on DM’s to check this out.

I guess Jupiter advance salary feature is like a hoax many friends of me amd myself never got this feature enable. This is a marketing strategy used by Jupiter and guess what you will get the notification that you are eligible for instant cash but when you click it will redirect then boom, you are now in waitlist the same stupid notification.

Manish, if you are a Pro and salary account user and still do not see that option, suggest you connect with @Shawnpinto via DM for him to get you connected with the right team.

@manish_sharma :hey:

Users need to be eligible to use instant cash.
Requirements can vary. It could be related to credit score, how much you use Jupiter, transaction records, etc.

Once we see you’re eligible an email/push notification will be sent. Sometimes, you might as well see a banner on the home page.

From here, you should see the option to use it.

This could be an error. It shouldn’t take you to the waitlist again if the message was meant to notify you that you’re eligible.

Mind sharing a few details with me? I can ask the team to check this for you.

And lastly,

Not really. It’s pretty much alive and an active feature on Jupiter. Folks have already started using it.

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Thanks for reply.

I contacted to the team already they told due to their internal criteria profile isn’t eligible.

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