ODS (On demand salary) loanfeature

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The ODS feature in Jupiter money is like a perot if you hold it then Jupiter will allow you to play with it, if you not hold it and it fly so you are not eligible to play with it …

I am using Jupiter money since 2022, i was enjoying banking with this with lot of features jwelles and instant customer care response.

Also was using ODS (on demand salary loan) feature mostly every month even starting 7-8 months they charge me few extra money i thought lets go ahead no issues after few months i got 2 months no processing fees and no charges for 1 month uses i was happy this is something amazing having a salary account in Jupiter.

Till the paying last month payment i was able to see the credit of 10000 rs which i was using since 2022, i thought to speak with customer care for increasing the limit, they removed that credit amount and start saying not eligible :joy::joy:

Funny incident event its not like i have a due with Jupiter or not paid the loan i have paid every month.

I drop email qnd everything but no solution as i am not eligible.

More then 1 lakh per month transactions.

Not happy banking with Jupiter :sweat_smile:

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Actually the on demand salary feature is not rolled out for everyone I think.

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Salary account people are eligible

I am also a salary account holder,but still iam not eligible for this feature till yet.Jupiter must roll out it to every salary and pro account users.

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What do you think till when it be rolled out to every user?

So, you are saying you asked for the credit raise and removed your existing credit limit?

Hmm… Well we can’t say anything it’s just capitalism.