Some Issues with Pro Salary Account

So it has been 2 months… I was upgraded to Pro Salary.
There are a few bugs that I want to point out.

  1. Salary credit is not being updated.
  • I have received my September salary on 6th, in the application it shows 13th Sep. October salary on 6th and it still shows 13th sep even today.
  1. On demand salary does not work. Though I am not in need of it, I just try checking how much I am eligible for. it always throws an error stating I’m not eligible.

  2. Debit card is still chargeable, same charge as a basic account.

  3. Not pro salary issue, Cheque is dispatched to Aadhaar address even if my Communication and shipping address are different.

  4. Not pro salary issue, credit report is totally messed up. I only see 4 accounts, while I have 6 open accounts and one the 4 account was closed in 2019. Also, cannot see closed accounts.

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@Zed Facing same issue.

Hey @Zed :wave:t4:

The salary credit should be updated now. Can you check and let us know?
This issue shouldn’t happen from next month onwards.

You must be seeing the ‘You didn’t pass all the checks’ screen. We’re looking into it.

Right. It has been updated now. Just asking, do you(Jupiter team) have to manually update the salary?

Nope, it’s automated. Our systems should be able to recognize the user’s corporate details.

I think since yours is a bit tricky (The email ID was different from the corporates name), it was hard to recognize it.

Hey @Zed can you check ODS once again? It should be available for you now.

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Yes. ODS is working now. :clinking_glasses:

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