Repaid on time still cant apply to new loan

Hi I repaid on time on Jupiter app. Still now it says " Sorry we can not process". Only benefit of using Jupiter is advance salary so we can manage expenses…

@Kaps2712 the community will not be able to help you here. Suggest you you reach out to the support team via the in app chat or email -

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Hello Kapil.

We appreciate your history of repaying previous loans; however, we regret to inform you that your current loan application does not align with our internal policy standards. Unfortunately, we cannot fulfill your request at this time, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused. Loan eligibility is determined by multiple criteria’s, not just your CIBIL score. Unfortunately, we cannot provide further details, but you will be notified when you meet eligibility criteria in the future.

We hope this clarifies your query.

Thank you.

Thanks for reaching out and giving clarity. But only positive to use Jupiter is this feature… so it’s better to shift salary account to some better banking