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Hi, recently I have been approved edge card, but with great difficulty I could only do 1 or 2 transaction. After that all the transactions seems to fail continuously. I was trying to pay my property taxes but couldn’t get through to clear the transaction. Why is such issue being persistent ?

I paid off the Edge Rupay credit card bill before the due date. But the bank keeps calling me multiple times a day only play a recorded audio asking me to pay the bill. Why can’t they check every time before calling customers? Feels like an half-hearted attempt to help the customer.

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Please help me my Jupiter credit card

Please check my account transaction please tell me

@Ayan_Bag Welcome to the community.
Could you provide more details about the problem you’re facing?
The issue is not clear from your posts.

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What does it mean? Not serviceable at my pincode?

Facing issues with Video KYC not connecting to an agent for the application of this credit card.

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Same here and the customer care team is not even responding. I talked to the in app customer support and they told that it may take a month for this issue to get sorted. Many days have already passed since I raised this issue but there has been no success. @Shawnpinto

Lost registered number and have no access to it trying to update it from a months, when will I will be able to do it?

Hello Nitesh,

We hear what you are saying. We are connecting with you via DM to address this for you. Thank you.

Hello I heard that the Edge CSB card’s tnx failure rate is very high?
Is there any ongoing issue regarding this?

That’s not an issue that I have faced at least for all local transactions. Have not tried any international payment. Hence cannot comment on that

Jupiter is clearly hiding the most important drawback of Jupiter Edge CSB credit card.

2% cashback of selected category is NOT FOR EVERYONE. Yes you read it right!!

If you don’t have a Jupiter Savings account. The jewels earned by CSB credit card can’t be converted to cashback. You have left with only one option, which is to purchase gift vouchers with those jewels.

Considering the GVs (Flipkart, Amazon Shopping, Uber, Zomato) can be easily obtained from other platforms by minimum 5% - 10% discount, this is totally a negative redemption end of the day.

Jupiter is doing all these kind of dirty plays, that too without revealing it to customers is totally unprofessional and unethical. Being a customer since day one of Jupiter launch, it’s surprising to see how this company changes it’s policies and promises on day to day basis.

They didn’t fulfill or maintain the product features of not even a single product what it offers originally.


Csb credit card has tied up with very few brands

One can easily get offers and 10 % discount with credit cards of icici, hdfc, one card or sbi but no such offer is available in case of cbs credit card

Which indded is a negative point

Whats the use of 2% cash back if i am lodsing 10% discount which i could have got using other credit card

Its clear opportunity cost of 8 %

Csb and jupiter should seriously look into it and shall come out will exislting offers and various offers of discount offers like other credi card providers

If one card being a newbie could foit without a being a bank and if cab and jupiter cant it is a serious drawback for genuine card holder

Whats your view ???

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I will try to take that but I got below error. Why existing csb bank customer not get the card? I have used their cobranded card, not direct account.

It maybe because csb only issues 1 card to a customer, federal Bank has also has the same rule

Oh okay… But they didn’t mention anywhere about this in terms and condition

@Thanveerst We are working towards solving this limitation. Will let you know once we enable this feature.

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Then he needs to wait for ages…