Getting 10% cashback instead of 2%

  • Date and time of the bug: Since account opened (end of June 2021)
  • Action: Opened account with firstlist position greater than 17,000
  • Expected result: supposed to get 2% cashback as per firstlist
  • Actual result: getting 10% cashback since start
  • Device name and model: OnePlus 8 running Android 11
  • Reproducibility: Always getting same cashback since start
  • Connection type: Wifi and Mobile Data
  • Name of the cellular/ Wi-Fi provider: Jio

My position in the firstlist was more than 17,000, as per the list, I was supposed to get 2% cashbck and not 10% but once my account was opened in late June 2021, I was getting 10% cashback and not 2% which is what I was supposed to get. Even today, app shows that I am eligible to get 10% cashback.

When you’re getting 10% then enjoy it😂 why are you telling them


@gegobyte Hmm interesting, thanks for being honest :slight_smile:
Pinging you for more details.

you joined in end June and still getting cashback ??
5 months :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

@gegobyte We had a beta program for 15 days before we launched the firstlist. All users on the beta program were given 10% rewards.
Hence this is not a bug, it’s an expected behaviour. We’ll be sending a note to everyone regarding rewards soon.

6 months because final 2 days of June counted as a different month and rewards reset 1st of every month. So June, July, August, September, October and November make it six.


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