Cashback has not received yet

I recharged my jio phone via offer with same terms and conditions but still not get my any cashback.
I will harm brand value.



Before doing that, share the transaction details with the support team for them to get it checked and get the issue resolved.

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@0Abhi0 We are looking into the same and will revert.


@0Abhi0 - Even I have faced the same issue
Did it get resolved?

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@Nikhil_Godbole - Could you please help me as well

Yeah! They solved the issue, Jasmine. And sent me 20 jewels. :joy:

(Note: 5 jewels is equals to Rs. 1)

@Jasmin_Kar Please DM me your registered phone number with Jupiter and the transaction details in concern. Will get the team to check and revert

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