6 week Saving Challenge

Hi, I completed the 6-week saving challenge and received a cashback of Rs.95 (converted from jewels), but my pot balance is higher than it should be (Rs.6665).

Is it a bug or did I receive a cashback of Rs.665 instead of Rs.95? :joy: :grin:

Hey @Cibhi_Baskar We’ll need to get this checked! Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:
Lemme ping you on DM for details.

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Did you got the money to keep it for yourself or it was taken back

Got the money to my pot. It should be Rs.95 but received Rs.665.

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Did you withdraw it and What was the reason for so much casback credit

This was a bug from our end. Due to which you received your rewards Rs 95 jewels 7 times. Thanks for pointing this out. We have resolved it!
And this was a lucky bug :slightly_smiling_face: