6 Weeks Saving Challenge

2nd week still showing locked but it’s already auto saved by Habit.


Dear Stayajit brother, I didn’t opt for the auto-saving. But I can see my second week is unlocked and there is no issue manually adding the amount. Please check it again.


Also, can anyone help me with how these screenshots are taken? Is it there in iPhone by default? or is it With some third party applications? I am using Android.

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Yea, I need that help as well. On an android device, it is not possible to take a screenshot.

Just checked, it is still locked

Yes, it is showing as locked in the “status/story-like screen”, But when we go to the challenge, the second week is unlocked. Noted only now that you are talking about that thing in the image. Please click “go to the challenge” and check whether it’s fine there.

When is your autosave day ?

I think the info page is not updating in real time.

25th April

Yeah mine too, I was a bit confused as how much balance I must keep for the autosave to not fail. They just mention maintain balance.

Still the banner not changed

Yes :+1:
The page is still showing the savings challenge as locked even though we’re entering the third week. It’s possible that they forgot to update it. However, the savings challenge is still ongoing without any issues.


If you have a PC then it’s possible to take screenshot. DM me if you need the trick :joy:. I don’t devs in jupiter to find out :smiling_face_with_tear:.(They may be already knowing it maybe).

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It's a secret



“” Don’t say it out loud “” :rofl:

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Perks of being software developer.

Ahem ahem :face_with_monocle:
The team is checking the banners.

@Satyajit_Singh You’ve enabled habits for it right? Just checking if it was successful/ the right amounts were set.


Yes, i enabled Habit for this and it works fine

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Is the 3rd week challenge available now? @Satyajit_Singh

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Yes, it is already auto debited from my account today at 3:42 PM