Bug in the savings challenge Pot

I have completed the savings challenge but its not reflecting in the pot balance. If you look at the top you will see that my total pot balance is 6095. The external transaction is probably the 95 cashback that I got from answering the quiz.

Hello Debraj!
The rewards you earn from the challenge are added in the rewards tab itself. Let me connect with you in DM to get the issue checked.

Is that how it was supposed to work? But after I completed the challenge the jewels got automatically credited to the savings pot.

I have received the details in DM and the team is checking this.

Correct. The jewels go to the pot.

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I actually did 6th week quizes twice due to a bug.

Lol @Aswin_Benny that happened to me twice :joy: Unfortunately, the questions were different so I couldn’t get all of them right.

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Same here questions were not completely repeated

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