Jewels deducted for not completing the 6 weeks iPhone challenge


Did this happen with anyone else?

This event took place last year right?
OR this year too?

Last year I completed all the challenges.

If it happened this year to, I did not participate at all. Then why Jewels got deducted?

This is strange!

HAI @Pratyushh
Savings Challenge for iPhone took place last year, i.e., in 2022 (it was this challenge, we all got some jewels for taking up those quiz questions).
The ongoing 6 week saving challenge has nothing to do with the jewels.
May be you have redeemed you jewels or it may be due to the upcoming new reward structure.

Can you share the image/screenshot of the jewels page? (my earnings section)

I did not redeem any jewels!

That New reward structure update you mentioned is going to happen on 1st june! And that should not affect 1 year old jewels. It could be a possible bug due to update but that has not happened yet!


Yes, there is a high chance it is a bug. also, I am not sure whether these jewels have some expiry date or not (Hope it doesn’t)
If possible, as I mentioned earlier, check the My Earnings section and see any redemption history is there or not. Just to make sure :+1:

According to t and c there should not be any expiry date.

@Abhishek_Ulayil Yes, it doesn’t have any expiry date, but after 5 years, it gets redeemed automatically.

These should ideally be Lifetime Jewels as it says on the page. If there is an expiry, it should mention on the page.

I have redeemed jewels just once. I don’t understand how that would lead to this kind of deduction.

For me, it seems like some bug associated with the new reward structure revamp.
Anyway, lets wait till Shawn sees this post and hope we can get a confirmation from him. :+1:

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Or could be because the second six weeks challenge came to end recently.

but this shouldnt have happened though.

But the second edition of 6 week savings challenge, the one recently finished, has nothing to with jewels I think. In the first edition, there were an opportunity to earn maximum of 25 jewels per week after attempting weekly quiz. But couldn’t saw anything like that in this edition. :eyebrow: :eyebrow:

Hello @Pratyushh ,
Clarifying what has happened here - this is with respect to Savings Challenge conducted last year. For some users , jewel amount was stuck in future redeemable state, and through a recent audit, these jewels got unblocked and debited from jewel balance.

For you, we have noticed that you have completed the savings challenge in June 2022 as per our records, and we will credit you the deducted jewels within next 2 days ! (You will receive jewels as per new rewards structure, don’t worry on that :slightly_smiling_face: )


Note : This is not related to any jewel earning or redemption regulation and not connected with the New Rewards Structure change.


Thanks sir for the quick action :orange_heart: :orange_heart: and also for the clarification

@Pratyushh Be happy now :cool_doge: :cool_doge: Also, I kindly suggest you to close the thread since its resolved (of course after getting the jewels back :rofl:)

Hello @Ankit_Misra ,

Thanks for the clarification. Appreciate it!

I am just wondering what caused this?
Something wrong with the recent audit you mentioned here?

During the audit, we identified jewels that were stuck in ‘redeem later’. Usually the reason would be the challenge was not complete and we need to debit those jewels.

For some users , we noticed that the jewels were stuck inspite of having completed the savings challenge. For these users we do a debit and credit transaction. Your case falls into this bucket.

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Hey Ankit,

Thanks for the explaining the situation.
I never noticed that my jewels were stuck in redeem later stage.

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