Getting 10% CB After 1DEC

Getting 10% CB on 1st Dec as per the TnC this must changed into 1% but I’m getting 10% maybe it could be a bug/glitches/Technical Issue.

1.Date : 01/12/2021
2.Time 3:25
3.Action: Open Jupiter App>Rewards Tab
4.Device name and model: Oppo A3s
5.Connection type: WiFi/Mobile Data
6.Name of the cellular/ Wi-Fi provider:
Siti Network/Jio
7.Screenshots: Currently not shareable due to Restrictions

those of us who joined late due to being existing customer will get till December end

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Hey @CarolinMerces, this isn’t a bug.

We’re working on changing the cash back to 1%. It will reflect soon.

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@Shawnpinto those of use who joined late (late September) due to existing to bank problem will receive till December end right ?

@Krishnendu_Chowdhury If you’ve onboarded before September, it will be 1% from Dec 1.
If it’s before October, then it will be Jan 1st.

@Shawnpinto what if user has already txn and got jewels for both dc and upi (10% ) are you going to reverse it?

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@Imashish It’ll remain the same! You’ll get both.

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