Debit card & UPI rewards after 3 Months

What are the rewards after 3 Months?
will we get any rewards or just it will be a regular savings account?

I think will get 1% after that.

We are working on next set of offers that continue to make the experience rewarding and more personalized :slight_smile:

I saw the image in Jupiter waitlist page few months back that after 10% will get 1%.

New user are getting 1% when it will expired?

I’m sure that I saw will get 1% in waitlist page but can’t find now.

I think for many users ( who joined in August) this is the last month for rewards.

What will happen to them?

When will you introduce a new set of offers? What’s the ETA?

The 1% cash back will continue to be there for now, unless we change it (currently in talks for more rewards)

This will continue till December, that’s for sure. Post this, we will either continue the 1% or introduce more rewards.

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