Got beta access and rank still increasing

Yesterday I got the beta access and today by chance I check my ranking in firstlist ehich is increased by a hundred.
So my doubt is if I got pushed down to 2000 even after getting beta access will I be getting 10% cashback or it will decrease @sneh.baxi

Firstlist position is locked now. Your rank stays where it is.

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Between this post and your reply it went up by 4 ranks

If you’ve already received an invite, your cashback slab won’t change. Rest Assured :slight_smile:
Rank will freeze today.

@Jiten @sneh.baxi
Sir, when will it get live?
I am super excited :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:
And one question my rank is 600, so it will not increase till the launch?

Existing positions have been freezed, so won’t change :slight_smile:

You should receive an invite in this week :rocket: