Requesting Beta Invite

Hey folks, If you haven’t received communication from me/ Team Jupiter.
You can request it here, and we will reach out to you :slight_smile:

Thanks for your interest!

Be mindful of the following, to be part of Beta:

  1. You should not have a Federal account
  2. Your should use an android mobile device
  3. Your Aadhaar should be linked to your mobile #


We have stopped taking more interest on Beta and the above request form is now closed.
If you haven’t received access so far. Sign up on our Firstlist which closes tomorrow


Jupiter Beta Program Community


@sneh.baxi Hi, I also want to be part of the beta testing. Please count me in.

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I want to be the part of early access. take me on first spacecraft that land on jupiter. Haha

Hi Sheh, count me in. Waiting for months.

Count me in. I am excited to try this.

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Very funny to see that now everyone wants priority, wants to be in firstlist/early access but no one supported in initial days. But now suddenly in a day all want early access before those who has supported and regularly active in community. Anyways let’s see what’s gonna happen next.
Who will be invited or who not!

Hi, count me in. Waiting for Jupiter to launch since I found about it.

Waiting for the beta invite. Thank you.

count me in for beta too

Count me in please :+1: super excited to be part of this :fire:

Hi, I received a mail invitation to fill a form for beta program which I already filled before. I am not double filling it. Hope to get an invitation from you.

Wanted to know what happens about the waitlist cashback scheme, where I am at 279 position, if I join beta program. Thanks…

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I do have account in Federal Bank(Fi Money) then what will happen?

In form they are asking it. Let’s see how things will work.

I think you have to wait for a few weeks if you already have federal bank account.

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Count me in for Beta testing.

Hey am Aryan can i get an invite? very eager to try the app!

Hi @sneh.baxi

Invite received. Thanks. Excited to enroll and test the Jupiter…

@sneh.baxi Requesting for the early access. fulfill all above condition.

@sneh.baxi I just received a typeform requesting some details…
However this also includes LinkedIN Profile, Is this part of a different program exclusive for Working Professional or is it connected to Jupiter ?

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Count me in please ,excited to be part of this …

Count me in too. I fulfill all the Conditions.