It's finally here!

Hey guys,

We’re thrilled to announce … Mission Invite! As the first few folks to land on Jupiter :rocket:, you’ll now have the power to invite the next set of users! Know anyone who needs to switch to better banking? get them here, and get rewarded when they spend on Jupiter.

Sharing our first Mission Invite video with you guys before we share it with the rest of the world. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ooo, Raj Kumar Rao :slightly_smiling_face: But Jupiter is not giving 1% CB On Every Transaction :sweat_smile:

You must mention (TnC Apply)!


@Shawnpinto hey, I’m trying to onboard after getting the app, it asks me to request an invite, after sending an SMS from my phone is it says mobile verification failed, something seems to be wrong here.
Can you please help have been trying this for more than 2 hours now

I want to download app

Hey @Anuwara_Jahan, I’ll help you out with this.

@Shawnpinto I’m trying to download the app, it says something went wrong while trying to verify your number. Can you please help, we can discuss on dm maybe, I’ll share my contact details.

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@Drowsierline456_420 Yes please. I’ll connect with you :slight_smile:

Kudos to Jupiter team. Great promo :clap:t2:
Raj kumar rao is simply awesome.

Happy to see Jupiter is promoting by Twitter :blush:

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If you guys know who Mayur Jumani is, check this out! :star_struck:

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Who is this? and why you’re sharing she/his link?

@CarolinMerces Mayur is a music composer-producer. He’s seen the RKR brand film and made an interesting remix to it :slight_smile:

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He made this remix because the Marketing Team has given him a $

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We have fanboys like you who endorse us without payment :wink:


Well that was smooth


Hi, how will I get invite, none of my friends are using jupiter.

Can someone help here?

@Lalitkhokhar25 I’ll give you an invite :slight_smile:

Thanks shawn I got one from Jupiter Team itself

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Perfect! Welcome aboard buddy :rocket: