Gas bill due


All of a sudden I am getting multiple notifications on email, whatsapp about this gas bill.

I have never paid any bills from Jupiter, also this connection is from 2 years back when I was on rent at this place.

I have also checked the app, to dismiss or delete this bill but I don’t see any option, 1st of all where has this bill even gotten detected from since I have not paid a single bill from Jupiter.

Please let me know how to dismiss this bill and delete this bill forever so that I don’t get any more notifications further.

Also on whatsapp.

Has to be some bug.

Reminder again, please make this stop, give me option to dismiss this bill forever, all I see is a option to mark as paid, I dont want this reminder.

You can remove the bill from jupiter app

  1. Go to the bill payment page
  2. At the bottom there will be an option to manage all your bills .
  3. In the your bills section there is a menu with three dots which will allow you to remove the selected bill.
    This way you wont get future reminders.
    Hope that it helps.
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Done thank you, earlier I had only 2 options “view options” and “mark as paid” suddenly now I see Delete bill, have deleted the bill.


You are welcome.
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