Email and SMS alerts transaction alerts

i am not getting email transaction alerts and also not getting sms alerts for credits is this same for all ? i got disappointed to know that !

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Hey @Aniket_Nangare,

Welcome to the community :grin:
It’s possible that some options are disabled.
Could you head over to the settings > app settings> notifications and email

It should look something like this.
Are these enabled for you? Let me know, thanks!

yes absolutely i made sure this and then created this thread

Oh okay.
We’ll need to get this checked, it could be something else.

Pinging you on your DM :email:

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no email alerts and no incoming transaction alerts only debit alerts i am receiving

This has been the case since long. I only get the app notifications for all the incoming transactions.

why then they raised support ticket can’t support tell clearly that jupiter doesn’t send incoming transaction I thought i am only one who is not recieving alerts

From today morning i am getting amount credit sms also but they are from jupiter not from federal bank great work jupiter now only netbanking remaining :wink:


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