It has SMS Charges or not?

It has SMS alert charge or not ?

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Yes, as per I checked 50 paise per/SMS.

Charges for what ?
Unaware of these.

This Charges is charged by Federal bank

And This charges is applicable on all Federal Bank Account.

For example :
If you opened a account in Federal bank via branch/Federal Website/Jupiter App

This Charges is applicable and by default SMS alert is off

For more information visit :

I don’t think Jupiter is charging that.

Same is applicable on Jupiter Account.

I have checked

@Jiten please confirm if I’m wrong.

Per quarter pricing would make more sense for SMS charges than per SMS. I don’t think they should charge per SMS.

Jupiter website is not written for SMS Charges

Jupiter has provided a link for others charges when I clicked on it one pdf has downloaded and it’s showing charges for SMS 50 paise per/SMS

I’m a federal Bank Customer and by default my SMS is off.

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Okay. Although 50p/sms sounds too much. I’d opt for app only then maybe.

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But Fi Money Federal Bank SMS charge is Zero.

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There are no SMS charges for Jupiter account.


@CarolinMerces There are no SMS charges for Jupiter account.

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This must be updated in Jupiter Money website.

Thanks for the suggestion. We will get it added to our rates and fees page.