Bill Payment Not completed

On 27th may i paid a bill of 660rs from Jupiter app, till now it was not completed and not showing in WBSEDCL website.

Also the consumer name was wrong, it is showing Surojit Ghosh, but actual consumer name is Samir Ghosh. I didn’t notice that the customer name was wrong at the time of bill Payment, otherwise I would have reported it earlier.

So today morning i reported to support channel and shawn, few minutes ago i got a call from support team.

Till now i know that the consumer name is the owner of electricity meter. But according to Jupiter’s support team ( as per conversation between me and them over call) the consumer name will be payee name, means if shawn pays my electricity bill through jupiter app so the consumer will be shawn pinto, if Mr. X pays my bill through jupiter consumer name will be Mr. X.

And she said my bill payment is completed successfully.

So here is the proof that my bill payment is not completed -

Screenshot from gpay, paytm and WBSEDCL website, if you look consumer name is SAMIR GHOSH(Actual name).

I think the main reason of failure is wrong consumer name during payment, but as i said i didn’t noticed at time of payment.
Now my demand is either complete payment or refund my amount.

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It can take up to 3 working days.
Maybe settle by tomorrow

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Dear @Surojit_Ghosh
Based on my previous experience, when paying electricity bills through third-party applications, it usually takes a minimum of three working/ business days for the transaction to be processed and the amount to be adjusted on the bill (Kerala State Electricity in my case). I hope the matter will be resolved soon. :+1:

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@Surojit_Ghosh State electricity board payments take 3-5 business days to settle.

I know it takes 3-5 days It’s already 4th day.
I’ll wait two more days. But i am not closing this topic until successful bill payment.

And for your information i pay my all bills through payments app like paytm, gpay, amazon pay etc etc for last 1-1.5 years,from my experience it never takes more than 1-2 days that’s why i am worried

I can see from your post and screenshots, you have paid the bill on 27th, which falls on Saturday. Usually, some don’t count Saturdays and Sundays as business days. So I think in real sense, it has been only the second day today.
Yes, I agree that different apps process bill payments on different speed. I once paid the electricity bill through CRED and it got delayed for 4-5 days. Nothing to worry, it will be settled soon. and close the thread only after the successful payment :+1:


I agree. I pay the electricity bills for my in laws using CRED. Having said that, I faced the long settlement period once when I made the payment using Tata Neu

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Not completed till now and today is due date :date:.

I request you to wait till the end of the day :blush:

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@Surojit_Ghosh I am sure you have already done this. Report this issue to Jupiter customer support so that this can be checked internally and also call the electricity provider and check if the payment with the payment reference number can be traced.

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Few minutes ago i got refund of my bill payment amount.


@Surojit_Ghosh Happy to hear that your issue has been resolved and you received a refund. It means that the payment failed. Did you make another payment yesterday to meet the June 1st due date, or did you got any fines or late fees as a result?

I made payment today after refund. I had to pay 19rs as late fees. ( 11rs for delaying payment+ 8rs(which is rebate,if payment made under due date)

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