Capturing screenshots on the successful bill payment page

The screenshot is disabled in the app after successfully paying a bill which is a issue because I have to share the details of payment with other people and the share button on that page only sends partial information. For example - After paying the electricity bill, it just shows the transaction ID and amount and doesn’t show the consumer number and the meter reading which is really important


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The screenshot feature is only functional on iOS devices. Your suggestion/feedback is valid, and I hope the relevant team will promptly consider it. :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

I checked with a water bill, and the consumer number seems missing from the receipt, when the share option is used.

This all makes me feel that no one should use jupiter bank for things apart from saving account, fd, pots and debit card. Other things don’t work well.

there is a share button try using it .

When used the share button, the image so created does not show the customer/consumer number or bill number, which is the most important aspects of any bill.

Kindly see the image for the reference:

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Jupiter’s Bill payment powered by Bharat Bill Payment System gives users a smooth and seamless experience. You can see many customers praising its speed and other functionalities. For me, its more than par when compared to others. Yes, there are some issues to be solved and they actively listen to customer feedback and suggestions. and I am sure someone from the product team will come with a solution soon :+1:t2:

In that case I would suggest to take a picture of the bill payment screen using other device. That would allow you to include more details.
Also to get back to the original bill details
Click on bill payment history.

Instead he can just some other app to do payments.
Paytm is seamless in every bill payment.

Maybe it could be a feedback for jupiter to include more details of the bill in the shared image :thinking:


Yes, This is a feedback/suggestion by @Prath28 to include such details when a user click the share button.