Not able to share the transaction details. Share option not working

I am trying to share the screenshot of transaction but the share option is not working. Nothing is happening when i click on the share button.

Hai @Pratik_Patre Welcome to the community.
Screenshot facility is disabled for Android devices.
Regarding your query, I checked with the share button and its working perfectly for me
Could you please confirm whether the share button works by accessing the history section

Home page > Profile> Payment settings> View History (Bills/UPI Transaction/ Bank Transfer)

If nothing works, its always recommended to capture the issue from another device and mail to for raising a support ticket.

A screen recording with another device could help too!

Hi share button is not working. When i click on share button nothing happens

@Pratik_Patre Could you please record it from any other device and send to

You can also share to Shawn via DM.

This seem to be a user specific issue. I kindly suggest you to clearing the app data and cache of the app or try reinstalling the app.

If the issue persist, kindly record the issue and reach out to the support provide them with the detailed information about the error you encountered.