Bug in Share Option

I found a bug that when we use share button in transaction details while dark mode is on the details like transaction id ,account no is not visible but when we use light mode and again share then they are clear and visible please fix this issue
I was able to reproduce this multiple times…
Attaching proof’s
Dark mode

Light mode

@Aniket_Nangare Whoa! :blob_worried:
wait, how did you manage to switch between the light and dark modes? Was it from the phone OS? If yes, which one?

Everytime to get clear image i would have to switch from dark mode to light mode (of OS of course)
Os is Androiod 11 (MIUI 12.5.60) (not rooted official rom)

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Strange. Does this happen only on the transaction details screen? Assuming there’s text on other screens too, is it affecting anywhere else?

Got it.
Since you’ve mentioned its happening only when you open the share options, there’s one on the referrals page too. How about that one?

It is fine for referral page maybe because we are using same image every time and that image is not UI part but for transaction details page we have take UI screenshot and process it and that’s where the error is

Good catch! That makes sense.
Lemme share this with the team, we’ll look into this.

Thanks! :blob_thanks:

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By the way you are doing great i have not experienced such quick replies anywhere kudos to you :confetti_ball:

Just happen to scroll through the posts normally, and found yours along the way!
Hehe, thanks.

Hey, @Aniket_Nangare we’ve found out why this is happening. :blob_think:

This happens in devices that force dark mode to apps. There’s not much we can do here since we’re not supporting dark mode yet. This would be fixed once we have it.

This may vary from OS to OS. Mine for example is a OnePlus device that runs on Oxygen OS. I too have forced dark mode but it doesn’t seem to affect the app.

Is there an option for you to deselect apps that required forced dark mode?

yes option to force dark mode is there but it was forced automatically
i thought jupiter has enabled this okay then it’s no problem for me thanks
(bring that dark mode please :smile: )

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Dark mode ftw! :cry_cat:

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