Enable to add this bank account on PayPal

Hey !

I would like to request the team Jupiter to enable to link this bank account with PayPal . You have created an amazing solution for the GenZ who hate the traditional ways but there should be more benifit with account

Benifit of Enabling to link this bank account with PayPal

¶ Freelancer can easily accept payment
¶ Order online many things internationally will be easy & many more

So I request you to do the needful as soon as possible .


@sumukh Hey!
We’re able to add the card on PayPal India. Let us know the error that shows up for you.

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When I try to link the bank account with PayPal this happens :point_down:

“There’s problem with your account”

Thanks for sharing this @sumukh
Lemme connect with you on DM so that we can look into this :slight_smile:

@sumukh This is also possible due to the toggle for international transaction settings.
Could you head over to card settings, advance, manage transactions, click on the + (It’s a drop down) to see if anything is disabled?

Hey !

I have enabled international transactions which was disabled and later tried again and got the same message

Totally with you @nibinesh
@sumukh You’ve completed your KYC right?

Completed today

Got it. Maybe try again now or in a bit?

Tried still the same

No he means adding a bank account with the account number and the IFSC code. Well it works for me after some tweaking @sumukh dm me ill help you out.


Thank you for your response . I did it


okay cool.


I am facing same issue here

Thank you for responce , it worked

Hey, I was opening a Jupiter account, I mainly need it for Paypal withdrawls, is this problem still there? If so, how do you fix it?

Heyo! @RSSM

What was the tweak? :blob_think:
@ayushg Kitten knows the secret :man_shrugging:t3:

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Basically, the “Jupiter Neo Bank Kochi” branch is incompatible with some services that these companies use to deposit money. This is likely not to get patched. (Stripe supports the default IFSC)

So you have to use the alternate IFSC Jupiter has provided to you along with your account number for it to work.

“FDRL0000001” or use your swift code mentioned in the app.

After that PayPal will accept the account and will send you 2 temp deposits of 1-2 rupees to your bank account, which you have to confirm on the site. (Takes 2-3 days/sometimes instantly) once you have confirmed your bank account, your balance on PayPal will be sent your bank after it has been processed (1 day) (5 days to get sent to your bank account).


Hey, thanks for the quick and helpful response

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