Edge CSB bank RuPay Credit Card 💳

What a fall!
Even onecard offers and reward rate looks better than this now

What will happen if i dont select the cashback category?

0.4% is the Base Cashback Rate

Spent ₹1400 and got 28 jewels only :worried:

Yeah, doesn’t make any sense anymore in spending via this card. Many other UPI cards out there with more attractive rewards/cashback, even if we pay fees.

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Worst card and worst reward redeem process that I ever see in cards. You people are forcing customer to open saving account for redemption of reward point where customer need to maintain 10k with debit card. This is not a reliable app as well as card. Avoid this card and jupiter app.


@Jiten Hi, I just want to get some clarification regarding the Edge CSB rupay Card. I’m one of the few who joined the waitlist when Edge CSB Rupay card was announced. My initial waitlist was 2000 around. Surprisingly it jumped to 21K (21203 to be exact)! If the others above me are getting the card means the waitlist should change and reduce. Instead it jumped and now rock steady without any changes for Months. Have to say, you guys are rocking in evolution :person_shrugging:. And I’ve seen many getting the mentioned card without joining the waitlist as well. I’m not following the “idea” of waitlist here, is it sit at the bench at watch others getting issued with card, kinda thing? I’m curious.


Initially, there were 2 waitlist numbers, one displayed on the app (which was around 15000-20000 for many) and another one on the website (which was around 2000-5000 for many users). Not sure it got merged into single waitlist number

@razack , that “Not sure” explains, bro. :person_shrugging:

I couldn’t verify it myself, bro, since I received the application link but ended up being ineligible for it. Hence, I opted for the phrase ‘Not Sure.’ (Cause, I can see only the ‘You are ineligible’ message on the credit card tab)
Hopefully, someone else can confirm this.
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We will get this checked. But most likely, you may not get approval yet from bank as per their existing policy. @Abhishek_Kr to check on this

It’s random as per credit score and other internal parameters from waitlist database.
I can positively confirm that location is not the internal parameter here for getting access link because my application was rejected on the basis of location (as displayed in the rejection screen)

I don’t have any relationship with CSB, but has CC with Stan.Chart, Federal Issued One Card, Icici, Axis, HDFC etc with pretty decent limits. I’m just pointing out your faulty procedure. I’m no longer interested in Edge CSB Rupay. But you guys need to know what is going on (if you don’t know!).
And @DigitaL , I have a good score bro. I’m not saying anything about my ‘Eligibility’. All I’m pointing out is the irregularities in the waitlist procedure. From 2K to 21K jump in waitlist is not procedural… Fine forget it. Leave it as it may, considering there are 21202 guys ahead of me for the mentioned card, and many are getting the card as we see, the waitlist should change, I mean, that’s the whole purpose, right? But it’s not. That’s what I’m pointing out. Summary: they won’t prioritise. Even if you’re waitlist 10, the guy who just downloaded the app and checked for Rupay card will get the option for application while you’ll still be at waitlist. Hope you’re clear. They need to work on that. Else wrap up the waitlist and throw it off. Case closed🤷


Since wen I have received my credit card I am not able to use my credit card even though I have activated my credit card

im facing edge credit card transaction issue online and offline payment not transfer
some swipeing mechine only takeing card.

I have applied for Card closure request.
I don’t think so it was good decision taken to reduce the cashback value from 5 to 2%.


I faced a weird issue of ‘Photo not found with CSB Bank’ and highlighted it to the team here about more than a month back. The issue is still the same. Seems Jupiter team chose to ignore the issue.

Never mind, I anyway wouldn’t apply the card now considering it’s pretty much useless.

same here from Dec 23

Hello Jiten,

My wife applied for the CSB Edge RuPay card and faced issues with KYC.

The first time it was genuine as the address mentioned was different. The agent requested her to check the details for aadhaar and redo the KYC. The second time, another agent who rejected it right away because the PAN card is in her paternal name - before marriage. She has bank accounts and credit cards from HDFC, IDFC and Citi. We have accounts and the aadhaar in the married name but the agent refused to accept it.

Is the KYC process arbitrary? Can we expect any assistance from Jupiter?

Hello Kunal,

We hear what you are saying. We are connecting with you via DM to address this further. Thank you.