Edge CSB bank RuPay Credit Card ๐Ÿ’ณ

Can you send me a fold invite code please

@kneelesh48 TPH9G3

Hey i am in waiting list 5331 โ€ฆare u only providing Jupiter card for existing jupiter account holders only??? @Shawnpinto

Currently, we are offering the card on a limited number of waitlisted users (mainly existing Jupiter users, in rare cases, new to Jupiter). Opening to new Jupiter users is happening slower than we had planned for unfortunately, and we can really understand your frustration. Please allow some time to get back to your specific case.

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I have Jupiter account with a waitlist of 5067, still no invite @Lizann_Fernandez
FYI I have a good cibil with no defaults too.

@Shawnpinto so we will never get the jupiter edge csb rupay Credit card? I see many with 5k, 6k , 9k waitlist number waiting till date and mine is 36k so if theyโ€™re not going to get it anytime soon, then I should also forget that, I had applied for the waitlist and concentrate on other banks rupay credit cards which atleast offer within a week of applying if not instant. Kindly clarify why itโ€™s taking so long.


I have not received any calls even despite complaints everywhere, how long will it take to fix such a crucial goof up.

Btw I have dmed every support member and not received any update so far.

With great team comes great responsibility and this is after more then a month.

I think they are still hiring people to work on their credit card segment, so it may take some time to fix things. There could be issues with their partner bank too.

The mistake the team made in the past was publicly announcing the card as a fully finished product, when itโ€™s actually still in development (alpha or beta stage). Those who got cards are basically their unpaid product testers. You can participate in this testing, or you can wait until they fix things

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I would love to work with Jupiter Money. I want to make it a perfect platform for all banking and financial needs. Maybe after my post graduation, I would apply for some open post. Iโ€™ve already worked with ICICI bank Ltd at senior officer grade but wanted to pursue my career in IT sector so I resigned.

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Is this available on the RUPAY Network?

Then the likes of us whose waitlist is in lacs should just quit :frowning:

A half-baked product with false promises.

I got enabled to apply for the card and meet the eligibility with a good limit. After giving the consant the opportunity to fetch KYC details, it suddenly shows there is no free slot for onboarding. Then why do you guys give me an option to apply? If there are no free slot.

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Finally, I got the card. Everything went smoothly from applying for the card, completing Video KYC, to the steps after the card approval. It was a really good experience from the UI side. I havenโ€™t tried UPI yet, but I will soon. Now, Iโ€™m eagerly waiting for the in-hand experience of the card :saluting_face:

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It was nice experience for me as well. I use this card for daily expenses and in the end pay the bill. It feel so convenient to shop and manage transaction with ease.

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Hi @Akhil, can you please DM me your number used to onboard on the app? Will check this and revert

By when it will be available to all I am waiting my waitlist no is 35233
Please reply

After video kyc I am unable to generate card error is coming.contacted customer care they are telling you are not eligible for card.so how credit score check ,video kyc done then not eligible for card.os it joke ?

Sadly no emi options on the credit card

i guess many of the users would be waiting for the important feature which is lacking



:scream: I didnโ€™t know this!?
We canโ€™t use this card to pay in EMIs ?!