Debit card Transaction succesfull but amount not reflected

This one is going to be a long countdown.

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Im also eagerly waiting for a response…thrilling as well as tensed scenario :joy:

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UPDATE :smile: Its day 8 and I got my refund minutes ago today…Special thanks to @yagnesh01 @razack @Pratyay_Mustafi @saurabh.s and others who helped me in guiding me and explaining your incidents happened to you and taking me to the refund process and kudos to @Shawnpinto in highlighting my issue to be solved quickly…I have never been to such a vibrant and strong energetic community like Jupiter community never before🤗You guys made my day🥰Jupiter team!!You are the best…We are the best:sunglasses:


@iAmAlanSabu , glad we could help. Thank you @Shawnpinto for as always coming to the rescue!!

"Dear @iAmAlanSabu, I appreciate your kind words. I am delighted that we were able to assist you. Told you naa :smiley: You don’t have to wait for 55 days anymore, as @Shawnpinto, our boss, has taken over this matter

"That’s what makes this place so special :cool_doge: :cool_doge:
Btw, 8 is my lucky number :rofl: :rofl:

Also, Alan bro, if you can see “Mark this as solved” or “Solution” option, Kindly mark it as the solved. This will automatically close this thread.
(don’t know whether this option appears under help threads, but its there under “Bugs” threads )

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Marking it right now :slight_smile:

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We are! :100:

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