(Completed) Phone number update - Initial testing 📱


As you all know, we are working on a feature that can change your mobile number. It’s been going on for a long time. There were many complications and hurdles along the way, we apologize for the delay :crossed_fingers:t3:

Mobile number change

It's closer than ever!

We are going to launch the feature soon. But first, we would like to test the flow with some community users who are interested in changing their Jupiter account mobile number.

How is this going to work?

  1. You will need to register for the test here - https://forms.gle/91tWS3hWzCu22dup6
  2. 80-100 odd folks will be contacted for changing their mobile numbers.
  3. You will be invited for a quick phone call/Google Meet/Zoom call for 10-15 minutes with the Jupiter team. We can decide on a common time.
  4. Instructions will be given on the call, you will need to perform certain tasks for this to work.


  • Please opt for this only if you want to change your mobile number permanently.
  • The number may/may not be changed. It’s a simple test to see if this flow works. There won’t be any side effects, don’t worry.

Excited to test the new flow with you folks!
Can’t wait :grimacing:



An update:
As you all know, we were testing the mobile change feature for the past few days to find and clean up all the bugs that could have been there. It’s been going on for a long time, and we apologize for the delay :crossed_fingers:

We are ramping up! :party_parrot:
We have started rolling out mobile number change in a phased manner and we should be at a 100% rollout by End of Week.

How is this going to work? :thinking_face:

  1. You will need to verify your identity through a small video saying out-loud the 4 digits displayed on the screen.
  2. Once verified, you’ll have to enter the new mobile number and verify it by sending an authentication SMS.
  3. Once the SMS is verified with Federal Bank, you’ll have to enter your MPIN and confirm the update.

Thanks to all the folks who helped us test the flow :slight_smile:


My mobile number is lost and I want to change it what do I do?

Check in app. You will find option

Sir i don’t have access to my previous mobile number so I’m unable to login the app and how to change my mobile number in my account.

As far as I know its not possible. Easiest way is apply for new sim for same number.

It’s been two weeks but it still doesn’t working.
When it will be available?

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@skysharma I am guessing you have reported this issue to Jupiter support and not been able to resolve the issue. And the mobile number change option available in the app is also not working. If that is the case, please share the ticket number along with the rest of the details with Shawn Pinto via DM.

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@skysharma What error are you facing while logging in to the app?
You will get the option to change the mobile number, after logging in to the app.

Aakash was able to log in and change his phone number :rocket: