Can I register for federal bank NetBanking?

I do use NetBanking for various reasons:-

  1. To check 26AS.
    2)To login to income tax portal
    3)To e-verify ITR
    4)To apply for an IPO

I spend most of my time in front of screen so I do use NetBanking for transactions as well.

I am not asking Jupiter to burn their money and energy on new NetBanking app coz I know that will require a proper and robust infrastructure.

You Look neo banks are currently un-regulated. You never know how long will their product last or they as a company will. They rely mostly on VC funding without any revenue model. Once the funding is gone, the app will be gone.

So you have to look for pros and cons both.


Flipkart is available in Microsoft store but when I am on Windows why would I install a Windows app, I would rather simply open Flipkart website in a browser.

That’s what I said that I complete the transaction using saved card only but to get there I use Amazon website on laptop because of the fundamental issues with small screen devices. Not much is visible at the same time on a 6-7 inch mobile device. You want to place orders in clothing segment, what is better, browsing on app or browser on website on big screen?

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Hi All,

Read my post in ‘Ongoing Bug /Feedback’ Thread posted under ‘Help’ Category.

I have tried my level best to cover many such important points like existing Native Apps & NetBanking platform access of Parent Bank.

Kindly, give your suggestions on this too.


Maulik Raval

we all need federal bank netbanking login sometime . as to avail some benefit of netbanking which jupiter don’t allow . i know it is bad business for jupiter to give access to net banking. but somehow it build trust among the customer about them. and atlast be are customer of federal bank, jupiter is just a platform to provide simple and lucrative look to banking system. pardon me to interfere in the business as you know more than me.

You don’t have any compulsion to use Jupiter. Federal bank allows direct account opening with 300+ banking services . You are free to go to their website and open account with them directly for more features.


@rockhero Khatam, Tata, ByeBye :joy:


Well said sir​:grinning::smiley::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. This is from the CEO himself.

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What u mean if u have debit card from any bank and registered number you will automatically get internet banking especially when you have an app access

Not good Jiten …very cheap reply of you. … Pls refrain next time … You are into high end neobanking this shudnt be your reply .anyways slightly happy with your product let’s see what futuristic stuffs are ahead


I think the reply was informative rather than a taunt.

Founder’s vision is often very focused and might encounter friction in initial stages.
If someone wants to set up a service that doesn’t even need netbanking features can invite a lot of friction.

But discount brokers going against the big corporate lobby during initial days, must have also sounded like a business model with a lot of friction at that time.

I don’t favour or deny netbanking. But I think SaaS are potentially disruptive ideas. Really awesome to witness them for better or worse.

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Yes, this idea is absolutely right, we need net banking other neo banking app like niyox give the option to use net banking of partner bank


kindly allow fednet banking services. FI is allowing this. Currently jupiter is allowing only fednet mobile passbook view only.

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Same issue bro,

Oh no, the reply is uncalled for in all ways. You can’t just view Jupiter as a founder’s vision. Jupiter is not just a “product”, it is a services business. And to be successful in offering services - the ONLY thing important is customer satisfaction.

People in this community want to feel like they are making an impact towards building Jupiter - they are being the customers as well as helping Jupiter team with ideas/testing/bug reports. They deserve answers and better treatment.


Lack of internet banking features and stubbornness displayed gives a wrong impression of Jupiter. One less customer. Signing out.

PS: Liked jupiter a lot till now.

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Net banking is necessary.

I need to apply for Admission.In the process for education loan I had to upload my salary account bank statement, however there is error showing bank name “Federal Bank” is different from the Jupiter bank statement.
Then second option is via net banking which I am not able to get via Jupiter app.

I’m in dilemma, literally. My admission is due and I’m stuck by converting my Jupiter account into salary account.

Atleast give some sort of option

Hello Deepali!
I understand your concern. Let me DM you to get some more details on this. We’ll help you sort this out in every way we can.

I’m sorry you had to go through that. It’s reasonable that we need to break traditional bank monopoly and make things better.

But we need to have their established processes in place BEFORE we set out to add more stuff in.

Net banking (though might come off old school), is an important pillar of banking. Sure we had a terrible experience from the traditional brick n mortar bank out there, doesn’t imply we ignore it and move on.

Hopefully we’ll get our version of net banking soon from Team Jupiter.

Very simple process bro , just open FI Neo bank account which is also partnership with Federal Bank (India) , they’re offering to you directly visa platinum card from directly federal bank issued, so you can easily register fed bank net banking useing this card, as i say fi and Jupiter both are partnership with fed bank so you can easily accessible all accounts in federal bank which was linked same documents (Addhar and pan or ckyc) … It’s very easy process I’m using now … You can also use this bro :sunglasses: