Bullet Comeback

I got 50k Credit Limit On Epaylater Business
Waiting for the Final Approval From The Leader

I know it’s for business and it will use for business.

Recently Epaylater launched their Card hope I will get this card too.

if it will worth for me then I will use else will use other.

Probably, but if the lender is changed then it is not good for us (bullet existing users) cause a new loan will be added to credit report. Changing partner in a short period of time is not all a good idea, might be it is beneficial for the company but not for the customer.

Hey @Jiten,

I could like to request you that remove the bullet app from the play store because I have read some reviews on Play Store people are saying if is not working or not giving exact date,not accepting new users than this doesn’t make sense To make Live App In Play store.

And I know there will be delayed on the Bullet and it will won’t back by 18 Oct.

So if you’re doing the maintenance of the application than remove it from play store till then your maintenance is not over after your application is working again then you can live it again on the Play Store.

Many reviews are saying same thing what I’m saying so I thought to share it with the Founder.

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Got it. Makes sense. Wil discuss with my team

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Hey @jiten,

One last question I’m getting some news about Bullet getting news that there will be delay on Bullet and now date will be extended to 30th Oct.

Some of my colleague’s told this Please clear the doubt if possible :sweat_smile:. Already 2 month ago still waiting.


As on date, we have submitted app to NPCI for review. They are reviewing it so I can provide visibility only after feedback from them

I’m hoping it will Appoved :crossed_fingers:

Ohhh, now I understand Bullet Money was spending their own money to lend but as per new Guidelines Of NPCI Bullet can’t spend their own Money On UPI Credit Limit.

That’s why they are asking for KYC because NBFC/Bank needs KYC.

So now we use credit limit then same it will be reported To Credit Bureau by NBFC/Bank Partner Of Bullet.


@Jiten can you tell us the current Update about Bullet?

Are you guys trying to do have a contact with the NPCI?

@YaminiSharma Waiting for the response!

Hey Carolin, we sent out an email on the 17th.

Seeing a bit of the delay in the review (still waiting to hear back). We’re shooting for early November at the moment and will be able to share an exact date soon. I’ll definitely keep you posted!


@YaminiSharma @Jiten