Bullet Account On Hold

Hiii, Guyz.

Today I have logged my account and found that my bullet account is on hold!

But what is the reason I don’t know anybody else facing this?

And Is this issue or something else?

Can new users register now?

I don’t know about this.

@YaminiSharma You told old user will have their limit now what happened? Internal policies? Or Bank Internal Policies? Is this a credit card?

If you Guyz doesn’t want to give any limit to any user then why you have waste our 4 month?

Giving false hope will come today will come etc etc nonsense!

It’s better to use the credit card atleast they don’t cancel the card.


Hello @CarolinMerces, Hope you are doing well! Can you please log out from the App and try to re-login? Pls DM in case of any issue. Thanks!

@Vikas_Soni just got the call from the Bullet Team and my account is back on track i mean 6,000 limit is showing again. Thanks

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Thanks for the update, @CarolinMerces. Happy to help! :blush:

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