My experience with Bullet/Feedback

Hii Guyz,
Bullet and Jupiter are from Same Company as I thought to share my experience with bullet here.

I’m using Bullet from Last 1 Month I didn’t face any problem with Bullet some user’s report Scanner can’t recognise some time and my Limit aslo increased by Team Bullet.

Big hats off to them and one users have tell me if we use full credit limit then Bullet will block the Account is it real?

And Aslo Thanks To Mr. @Jiten for making this application.

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If you use full limit, you can’t use the Bullet account more as limit is exhausted. That cannot be called block.

As I’m a YouTuber my Subscriber’s are reporting when they exhaust there limit they can’t login in Bullet and A Pop-up shows that your account has been Blocked for violating the guideline.

That’s why I asked you.