Bullet limit on Credit report

Hey I recently got actress to bullet.I have asked this question to customer service team but didn’t receive any satisfactory answer. I want to know one think from any one from you. Does the bullet limit approved get reflected in credit report(especially CIBIL) under any loan or not like any other paylater account(Flipkart and Amazon)?

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Your credit report is fetch by Equifax.

Does a loan account show in the credit report?

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I have not checked yet.

i am using bullet since may 2021 and many other pay later services but many has not reported anything in any credit report. but they may report if you default in repayment.

flipkart and amazon pay later service report the transaction with cibil and others.

so, its upto them when they start reporting to the credit rating agencies.

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Thanks for confirming this.
I noted the same thing that no other paylater services other than Flipkart and Amazon report to CIBIL.

But the service of Bullet is super fast. While doing offline merchant payment it doesn’t even take 2 secs to complete the transaction. That’s what make Bullet the best for paying at offline stores.
I haven’t faced any problem so far with Bullet, It’s a good sign.
I have to see one thing How bullet tackle the refund of transaction failure/pending. If they could fix problem within very short time then I would say they are the best in the business.
There’s no customer support contact number for both Bullet and Jupiter. I hope they introduce it soon.