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Hii, There,

There is some problem? In Bullet from 1 hours Payment is failed aslo tried to pay the merchant but it’s something went wrong.

@Jiten request you to please resolve it as soon as possible.

@sneh.baxi @Jiten,
Can you please take Action on it?

I can’t do online like e-commerce website.
I can’t do merchant Payment.

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Where are you making these payments?

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I was trying to make payment on lazy pay Swiggy Amzn but it’s declining the payment.

I have never miss any payment of Bullet

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Seems like our risk system is acting up for you. Team is checking but you can’t make certain categories of payments I e settling another credit bills, P2P etc.


Sir, I didn’t use bullet to transfer to my bank as you can check I used it like Amazon,Swiggy etc.

and I also make payments on times please check.

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But you used it to pay on Lazypay. That is credit paying for credit. That might have been the reason your transactions were getting blocked.


Yes, I know but every transaction A To Z all transactions is going declining.

(As per my knowledge) Yes they will since you attempted too many times, (app) to prevent fraud.

I think you should use it only for purchases, do not try using on any credit giving platforms in future to avoid such cases.

I think the problem may have started when you used it on lazy pay.

Just what I think.

Support team can only tell you what the problem really is.

Contact support from the Profile section in the Bullet app. Send them an email.


Yes, I have send a mail to them and aslo I shared my details with Mr. @Jiten regarding this team is checking.

Hope it will resolve as soon as possible.

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Because I only use Bullet as my primary pay later.


Thanks problem has been resolved I have paid small small amount in offline merchant qr 3 transaction was successful.

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