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Sorry to keep here this thread but I have no other way. I have send 5 mails to support@bullet.money but no response yet from last 3 days.

I have made repayment in bullet 3 times (300, 300, 305), none of them successful and my bank UPI deducted the money already.

When I can expect the solution because on 16th bullet will generate bill and I will be out of clue then?

Let me know if more information needed.

@sneh.baxi @Jiten

Hi @jigarmistry24,
The amount should be credited to your account by EOD itself Jigar.

There was a small issue at the bank end and hence the delays - that has been resolved. Also, our support team is reaching out to all the unresponded tickets and you should hear from us soon.

EOD means today end of day or transaction date eod? Because it still not credited to my account. It has been 3 days!

Hey @jigarmistry24 - it is EOD today. All those settled by the bank should reflect in your Bullet account.
Also, this won’t affect anything during the bill generation.

I believe its EOD already there. Its still not credited to my account. Please give me update.

Hey @jigarmistry24 it is processed and should be reflecting on your app. Can you please recheck?

Thanks for the great support. All looks good to me now.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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