Bullet Not Working

Recently a Pop-up Massage is showing that bullet will be back soon!

Guyz please don’t pause your service because Bullet is very helpful and you guyz are pausing it for 2-3weeks.

You can update your application in background but you are pausing it.

I’m not happy with this decision.

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@Jiten what he saying Bullet is closed permanently?.

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Oh we’re definitely not closing Bullet permanently :slight_smile:

Over the last few months, we have grown at a breakneck speed and today have thousands who use Bullet as their primary UPI app.

While this growth has been exhilarating, we’re now focused on providing the best payment experience to our current users and for any new users who join us in the future. To do this, we’ve decided to take the next couple of weeks to focus on:

  • Upgrading our systems to ensure we can handle greater volumes
  • Ensuring compliance so that we can offer higher limits
  • Building new features to help our users pay seamlessly

We’re aiming to complete this maintenance in the next couple of weeks. As soon as we’re up and running, you’ll hear from us and will be able to start using Bullet again.


Chirag is right. We had to upgrade our system to launch new features and get fully compliant with new guidelines. So , taking some maintenance window to come back with full complaint solutions and new features

Just trying to understand what’s motivation behind trolling us. If I notice next time you spreading any malicious rumours, we would initiate a legal action against you. Hope you get this right without any ambiguity.

Don’t come pleading then.


Bhai mere…Hindi me bta rha hu…agr koi baat tumhare smjh ke bahar ki hai…to uspr comments nhi kiya krte…Agr Jupiter/Bullet use nhi krna tumhe…to mat use kro…
yha aakar bakwaas mat kiya kro🙏


I haven’t use Jupiter yet but I have a great experience with Bullet.
Bullet is fast and completely user friendly. It’s interface is really cool and no unnecessary feature is there in the app.
Looking forward to use the new features the team is gonna add to the Bullet.
I think it’s worth waiting for it.
Good luck team for New version of Bullet.


I’m worried because I like Credit Limit On UPI maybe Bullet will remove this system next time😔

This feature is very useful for making payment.


@Jiten that looks troublesome to me because I recently encountered an issue with bullet and I really have no clue what do i do since bullet is down.

I have a credit limit of 10k. On 31st of August I settled my bullet bill in full. However the transaction was complete but the statement in bullet wasn’t updated. So I mailed the support team with my repayment proofs and they said they’ll get it resolved.
Yesterday, I had to cancel an order on Amazon, so an amount of ₹2800 was refunded in the bullet account.

Since, I already made the repayment in full, and the Amazon refund happened on top of it, what would happen to that excess ₹2800? Moreover since the system is under maintenance, will my repayment status be updated on time?

See if your limit is 10k so Amazon refunded you 2800 it will added to your Bullet limit.

For example 10k is your limit Amazon Refunded RS.2800 so your current limit will be 12800.

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Oh I see. But then I guess I won’t be able to use that fund till Jupiter gets back on grid

Yes. till now we can’t use but as per Bullet Team after bullet will release new version of bullet then we can use it.

So we need to wait for update.

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Hey! @Jiten

This updation will complete before 25th August?.

Please answer it because Bullet is my primary Application for online transaction.

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We are trying for same as app has to go for recertification with NPCI after new Integration. So that part is unknown to us. But we are also aiming this month for go live again


I am using Bullet from May 21, This app is super fast and minimal.

I stopped using Gpay, Phonepe and other UPI apps from the day I started using it.

I am waiting for the update to be released soon.

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Thanks for responding and waiting for Bullet & Jupiter Tooo.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for sending mail regarding bullet will be back on first week of September.

Hope so bullet will give amazing experience again.