Bullet Comeback


I could like to request share bullet Updates what going on have you submitted for Approval or not approval rejected atleast tell us make us updated what’s happening.

Bullet is Amazing App but you guyz not updating us what happening in background.

People are waiting as per Jiten his last mail he said we will submit for approval in first week of September which almost going to end.

When Bullet will start shooting?

Specially @Jiten when your team will send next mail regarding bullet start shooting?

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How about changing bullet’s name to Europa. A moon of Jupiter with a possibility of life in the salty ocean lying beneath a thick layer of ice.


I don’t think because Bullet can shoot

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You mean, bullet can be shot? Yeah bullet is good name. It is catchy and easy to remember. Also Jupiter and bullet are models of two wheeler makers TVS and Royal Enfield.


Yeah man! Sorry for the spelling mistake.

That is hilarious I just realized that!!!

Hoping Bullet will send another mail regarding we are back!

This upcoming week or next week will get back sure they will send another mail.

Hope Authority has given a approval to them.

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Hey Hello,:wave:

@Jiten Ready to Re-launch of Bullet?

10 Days remaining only.

We are planning to submit app for approval to NPCI by 22nd. Need to see time post that. won’t be able to commit as on date.

1.5 Month Already Ago?

What going on in backend you said will submit the app by first week of September?

Now NPCI Will Take 3 Month to give approval.

Now it’s Better To switch with BharatPe Credit On Card.

You’re making false promises again and again same with Jupiter too.

Thing is that consumer has all choice to use any product. We had to discontinue product for a reason and we can’t launch until it is fixed. Frankly, I appreciate the enthusiasm but that doesn’t mean anything is possible. we are bounded by compliance requirements which are not in our control


also, let me know if you see any other company able to offer similar offering

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Yes, Money Tap is Offering me with Limit Of 17k on UPI + Scan And Pay

I’m Attaching My Approval Limit Screenshot!

Please Check This @Jiten


Not sure you know but new customers onboarding is not allowed anymore.


I’m old customer of bullet since January.

I have 6k limit in my bullet Account.

I know but we want to fix for everyone once for all.

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When we can expect bullet?

I mean when bullet will available for all in Play Store?

One more month? Or earlier?

Do you know any similar app like bullet pay later service??

Yes, you can go with Money Tap

They give credit card if you want from RBl Bank.

Else you can go with their another product called (Credit Line)

You will be provided a credit line On (UPi)

Mee too using Money Tap.

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