Bullet Comeback

What about PostPe? Is it good?

PostPe is the product of BharatPe.

I’m already using BharatPe Credit On Card.

So I have tried for PostPe I didn’t get because I have already got 25k limit on Card.

(On BharatPe)

I have recently reset my phone, now after re-installing bullet, it’s stuck on verifying mobile?!
Any ideas regarding this?

Actually I have uninstalled the Bullet App.

Because it’s not working so I have uninstalled.

Maybe there is some technical issues with the app try again later.

Okay Now Date IS 18th October and hoping no more delays because app is not working from last 1-2 Months.

@Jiten @Shawnpinto @sneh.baxi I have a question regarding Bullet.
Received a mail that it will be back by 18th Oct with update UI and more features. Just want to know existing user’s who already done kyc before has to redone it if continue wants to use Jupiter or verification is only for new onboarding.

Suggestions: For existing user’s please don’t ask for a re kyc verification cause now a days paylater apps are showing in cibil report as loan that impact negative (it will not let increase cibil score) cause it shows that user is not capable to take a credit card so that’s why he using paylater apps and Paylater are made to focused for college and unemployed customer but used by everyone)

Hope it will come in a new design and more features but not ask for kyc again!

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@Jiten @Bankofthefuture @Shawnpinto
Does Credit in bullet going to reflect in the Credit report in the upcoming release?
Are existing users going to get the same limit they had approved or there can be fluctuations due to ReKYC?

@Imashish If you’re an existing user, you will need to do KYC again since it is a requirement by regulatory authorities. KYC does not impact Credit bureau or score. Credit, when taken, gets reported to in Bureau (mandatory), Not repaying on time impacts the score, products holdings have will not impact bureau score.

@DEBASISH_SAHU Credit in Bullet will be reflected in Bureau is mandatory. Most customers should get the same and many will larger limit - (a larger limit will be based on the risk assessment and previous performance in Bullet) KYC will not impact the score or the Limit Bullet will offer.

I’m existing customer will I get limit or get rejected?


This makes no sense then, doing kyc again & again for same thing.
Using lazypay : why these compliance requirements are not for them? Is these are for bullet only?
So finally uninstalled the app.

If it would be reported to the bureau, as @Shawnpinto points out, a large number of factors would be analysed about your credit history. And the limit would be given accordingly. So, the limit would be more sensible in accordance to your credit history maybe.

But since bullet would analyse past performance of the customers as well, nothing exactly can be said until the product is rolled out.

@CarolinMerces check your credit score. That can give you a clue.

I personally hold a credit card and if bullet reject me then that’s not a problem.

Because I’m already Using Lazypaay,Simp, PayTm Postpaid,FK Pay Later, Money Tap, Mobikwik Zip etc etc.

@Jiten Old will get limit because I didn’t miss any payment of Bullet and Credit History is clear. Let’s hope:)

@Divyaansh_Agarwal thank you too:).


No worries. However, UPI credit was very unregulated till now. But if it comes under the scanner of the credit bureaus, then you shouldn’t be signing up for many pay later services at the same time.

Because if many NBFCs fetch your credit history, then the bureaus would treat you as a person with high appetite for credit and your score might be affected negatively. So keep that in mind (however that’s just my speculation)

Btw, who names their service “Simp”?:joy:

Only 2 Pay Later Account is Active IN my Credit Report Lazy Pay and Simpl Pay Later doesn’t report to credit bureaus.

And sorry for the spelling mistake because sometime my keyboard give problems.

No need to worry! Our old users will not be rejected or get a lower limit unless their credit score has changed dramatically. You’re likely to get the same limit or even a higher one based on your past behaviour on Bullet :slight_smile: Trust us, we’re as eager as you to have you all back on the app!


Ashish, we are sorry to hear that. You’ve been such a loyal user! I understand that the compliance requirements can seem cumbersome but since UPI on credit is a new concept, we’re just working with the regulatory authorities to make sure we are compliant and all our users can continue to use us. The KYC you will have to do will be quick and then you can enjoy Bullet uninterrupted. We hope you’ll be back once we re-launch.

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Thnx buddy I thought I’ll won’t get limit :slightly_smiling_face:

Btw @YaminiSharma Welcome To Jupiter :upside_down_face:.

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As much as I know this is not new at all, First Upi on credit launched by Epaylater in partnership with idfc bank that was a master idea and without any single issue I’ve used for more then a year (offline and online) everywhere accepted but due to covid-19 Epaylater service has been restricted for all user’s. After that lazypay has launched scan and pay and so many …
Still I’m using lazypay that act same as bullet just curious to know why these new complaince are not for lazypay? They also provide credit on upi.
And when a user has already done kyc then why a user do it again (you’ve to find a solution pf this)but all you want is simply rekyc from all, that in my case not fair.
And I’ll love to use bullet only if i don’t need to complete my kyc again cause i will already verified my kyc with bullet and got full limit. But as you repeating one thing that user need to re verify kyc in order to use bullet then A big No from my end.

@Imashish Most probably they might be changing their lending partner hence fresh kyc or the previous credit account has been closed. Else I do not see a reason why.