Bullet Integration, Future plans & limit revision

Been using Bullet for a month now & it’s been going great. Was interested to know, if there any plans to integrate into the main Jupiter App or at least share the data, to primarily take advantage of spending insights.

  1. Are there any plans to revise or upgrade the limits. Thus allowing big purchases rather than just Swiggy orders?

  2. Couldn’t find this in docs, but does using Bullet improve your credit score like a credit card does?

  3. Last, in general, what are the future plans for Bullet look like?

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Yes, we plan to integrate Bullet into the Jupiter app down the road with combined spend insights ! We will also be adding spend insights on Bullet soon.

Our intelligent system uses many different ways to determine your credit limit. Timely repayment and Bullet usage are important factors. However, the process is completely automatic so we will not be able to give you details on any increase in your limit and when it can happen. If there is an increase, we will let you know.

As of now it doesn’t - we plan to have this down the road.

We plan to add a lot of exciting features for you to avail the convenience of Bullet - Bill Payments, Shopping, Rewards & deeper merchant integrations. Stay tuned!

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