Beware of WhatsApp scams 🚨

These scams are pretty relevant now a days. What these people are doing is giving you few bucks then they win your trust and ask you to deposit more.

Instead we can teach them a lesson by doing the task let them give them the money and then just block them :slight_smile:


There are a lot of these types. Be careful!
I usually send a fun meme sticker when this happens :stuck_out_tongue:

These WhatsApp Scams are here for a long time…And most of the people never learn anything and they lose money again and again.
When I receives such messages, I usually click the Report and Block button on WhatsApp
Anyway, Happy to see the Govt taking prompt actions :+1:t2:


haha yeah i told him my time is precious 150 is too low give me 1000​:joy::joy::joy:

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Some people are extracting the money from them and boasting about it.
But what they don’t know if that money has a bad trail, the recepient’s accounts gets frozen too as we have seen such cases here on the community.

I have proofs, have taken the screenshots and filed a complaint on cyber cell’s website.

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