Share Your Online Fraud & Refund Struggle💻💸💪

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We all have had experiences with online fraud :computer: or refund issues :money_with_wings: that left us feeling frustrated :exploding_head: and helpless :pleading_face:. At times, it feels like we are fighting the battle alone :muscle:. That’s why we wanted to start this discussion on “Banking Fight: Protect Your Finances :moneybag::credit_card::shield:.”

Have you ever had an issue with online fraud :moneybag: or a refund that you struggled to resolve? How did your bank handle the situation? Did you feel supported and guided through the process, or were you left to fend for yourself?

We want to hear your stories and experiences. By sharing them, we hope to create a sense of community and support for one another. Maybe, together, we can find solutions and push for better support from banks :credit_card:.

So, let’s start the conversation. Share your experiences, offer advice, and let’s see how we can support each other in this fight :muscle:.

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The Community Team :handshake:

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One time I got a call from a person who was telling me that he talking from head office of kotak and saying you kyc and this or that hasn’t been completed or what’s so ever and he asked my debit card number and cvv and at that time i know this is a scam and fraud i starred acting that I’m worried about my account i ask him to give me few minutes so I can take out my debit card and i started playing with that scammer although I tell him wrong number and cvv of debit card and i was playing with him ten my small brother said a slang to that scammer then he realised that we are messing with him and then he started causing us and cut the phone although i don’t ever have any fraud and scam till now and i will hope that no one face this scammer problem ever so stay safe while using the internet

I got Scammed with 1000Rs in Lockdown with one of website who was useing MLM Network Systems they pay daily high amount to Customer for 8 to 9 days for gaining trust. Then after collecting High amounts they Run or close thier website.:expressionless::expressionless:.

But after i get known their trick and start using website only for intial 4 days then withdraw money. I earned nearly 2000rs from them​:joy::rofl::sunglasses:.