Need help against a scam

A few days Back I reading some messages in device channel and someone selling Amazon gift cards at 40% discount and said carding as source.I chat with him and ask for proofs and everything looks legit.He asks 5k gift card for 2k.I don’t know my brain which state in that time…I know that would be end up in a scam but I pay him 2k.The UPI in starting give is not available or seems to be some error and later he provide me gpay UPI I’d and I pay him the amount.
And then he just offline and said 5k voucher is not available,only 10 voucher is left so pay 4k more.I then He just a bloody scammer and refuse for refund back my money.
I immediately raised a complaint in cyber cell and ver next My amount is put on hold (scammer bank is freezed).I also raised a dispute at jupiter end and it says 90 working days is maximum time period.

I know it’s a just small amount for some people but its a big amount for me.In last I just want to know,Is there any chance I can receive my money that I lost.

Please help reply if any step I miss.Thank you in advance.


You might still receive your money but it would still take a very long time. The cases which involve huge amounts are solved on priority ig.


Do raise a complaint on RBI Ombudsman if you don’t get a satisfactory reply within 30 days. Hope, your money will be back.

just forget about the money. You won’t get it back

How you sure about it

because once the transaction is done with your consent, you cannot get it back.

Couple of friends have shared OTP and money is gone. They tried to get it back, but couldn’t. They complained to bank, cyber crime as well.

Anyways, try as much as u can … let’s see