Online hacking attempt

Just today, I began receiving a number of registration messages on my phone. Because this was unusual behavior, I immediately went to my bank account websites and changed the passwords.

Then, while checking my email, I discovered that two unauthorized transactions of 14000 and 25000 had been made on my Paytm postpaid account. I filed a complaint about cybercrime on the government’s website, and I also filed a ticket with Paytm Postpaid.

However, I am concerned that my credit score will be harmed as Paytm will take its sweet time to do the fraud analysis, and till that time, this amount of 39k would show as outstanding. Any suggestions?

Generally, disputed amount doesn’t impact credit score if it remains a genuine claim with and shows in first level of analysis


It’s my simple doubt… Isn’t that hard to find the beneficiary of those two transactions? I think Paytm doesn’t support transferring the limit to personal account. So it should be of some business account or rent payment etc. Sorry if I wrong

I know the beneficiaries as they are mentioned: Titan Company Ltd & Infiniti Retail. What can be done with these information?

This is scary. Paytm Postpaid used for fraud.

This is news to me…

I have had fraud attempts on my Amazon Pay account.

And one of the beneficiaries [Titan Company Ltd.] claims that there are no such details with the order id mentioned in the Paytm postpaid transaction status.

Could it be the transaction is not updated with them yet and maybe updated in a day or two?

I am just trying to understand how these scams work.

Yeah, I was also under the same impression, but the customer care guy mentioned that data is updated in real time.

A complaint was also registered at Titan Customer Care.

Oh. This is going to be a headache for you. So sorry!

With Digital India along comes Super frauds. Starting from UPI to credit card to BNPL to wallets.

Definitely scary… We can’t keep a tab on every scam going on.

Even now I get UPI requests for someone else’s mobile recharge or something else. They keep trying their luck. Very irritating… :rage:

However, in this case, ABFL is the lender and Paytm is merely a facilitator through it’s platform.

For the lender, I am just a number who has to make the payment [because the lender is unaware of the fraud]. So, in this case, how would the lender learn that this is a disputed txn, given that the lender would impose a penalty based on the due date?

Ooohh… I’ve never heard of this kind of fraudulent activity before…
In short, no one is safe from anyone.
As @alexnazy said before, I too thought the transaction may be under a pending state since it uses the postpaid limit.
Hope it gets resolved soon :+1:t2:

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For the past few weeks, My brother keeps on getting similar UPI requests from ‘Flipkart’. I searched for similar instances on Google and could find only 1-2 complaints. I was unsure if it was some sort of fraud or if someone was entering his id by mistake. After hearing this, now I am scared for him.

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Yes. The thing is I am afraid that I might enter the UPI PIN by mistake sometime. You know force of habit and all…

Airtel payments bank is good in that. They give a pop up and confirm if you are actually paying the receiver.

Hello Brother I also facing the same problem that you face about paytm Postpaid I lost 3000 full paytm Postpaid limit please help me on this

@Vijay_Raj_Jindal Hai, Welcome to the community
I suggest you to create a support ticket by contacting the PayTM customer care (either by their chat option or by call)
Also, its better to highlight this issue on Twitter by tagging PayTM

How can someone utilise your Paytm postpaid limit without access to use your device.

Are you sure that no one had remote access to your device?

This is what I am fearing.

I did the same.

Can you share the SMS images after hiding the sensitive info (if any)?

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@kingzeusvj Can you recollect if you had received any calls similar to the one that I received?

Details here…