Breaking and recreating FD adds to the investment

I created an FD worth 50k broke it and created another FD worth 40k. Now under my total spends it shows 90k as my investment. It should have deducted from the total.

Tag the broken FD as self transfer, that should clear it from the calculations.


+1 to the suggestion. Try it and let us know if it works for you. Happy to improve it further.


Bro don’t do this kinda stuff. They are gonna consider the breaking of the fd as the income and freeze your account.

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@Abhinav_Goyal lets not make any assumptions. The source of the funds is coming from an FD created on Jupiter and we do not how these transactions are reviewed

I’m not making assumptions they are considering each credit to the account as income

You do realise that when the transaction is completed it would state credit from FD, correct? So when the source of funds is coming within the bank, why make an unnecessary assumption that it will be considered an unusual credit and an action will be initiated?

But they also ask why you broke the fd and then again made the fd. This is nothing. They even asked for one rupee transaction reason

And if you have nothing to hide, that should not be an issue.
Anyways, the point I am trying to drive here is - if unsure, let’s not make any assumptions. When new community users join the platform, they are left with unquantified assumptions which affects the perception about the brand.

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But like many people are making and breaking the fd for getting the cashback or offers. That’s not allowed and they will freeze the account

Has this been informed to you in writing by Jupiter customer support?

Ya, you are kinda right but I’m trying to warn people not to do things that might make your account suspicious and you will then have to waste time explaining yourself.

No, it was kinda like the expression of the Jupiter cyber care employees reaction on when I said that I had done this transaction to get the points or cashback.

His reaction was kinda like you should not use the account for the earning of the cashback. Which simply means don’t take advantage of any cashback. Like there is a app which gives some point when you transfer the money to the friend through that upi app. But it might make you suspicious.

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