A strange calculation

Today morning i am Just checking my account spends casually then i found this strange thing.
So basically your jupiter account balance= Total Income -Total Spend(As per Money insight on jupiter)

So my 2022 Total income amount is - 488496.24
Total spend - 479496.24
In 2023, total income -251219.26
Total Spend- 250219.26

So till now total income is 488496.24+251219.26=739715.5
Total spend is - 479496.24+250219.26=729715.5

So my jupiter balance will be 739715.5-729715.5=10000.

But my current account balance is 1000. (Without FD, Pots balance)

I checked calculation twice.

All spends includes pot transfer and fixed deposit.

So now my question is it is a bug in Jupiter or something like error? Or somehow i am wrong in calculation?

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@Surojit_Ghosh Based on the numbers provided, the calculations are spot on. You need to report this to the support team and get this checked.

I think it does not include self transfers check the amount in the bottom of the table.

As per the photos attached, the calculations are correct for 2023, ie, the balance is 1000 and is correctly showing on the app. :eyebrow:

Maybe the issue lies here.

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If you have tagged some transactions as self-transfers, then those transactions will not be considered as income or spends.

At an insight level, the self-transfers do not get considered. But from a statement reporting perspecive every transaction gets considered, correct? if yes, the 3rd screen shot does not add up.

But the money that I have deposited is also included in the income.

I’ve never done a single self transfer through jupiter as my both bank account are in different phone number.

Do you have any balance in the pots or FD at present?

A FD of 50k and 3k of POT balance.

I thought it is tagged as self-transfers, but it’s not. Please double-check whether you tagged any transactions as self-transfers.
Also, it’s better to download the statement as you can see your balances after each transaction and cross-verify.

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@Surojit_Ghosh Strongly recommend you report this via the support channel. This might take a few exchanges with them. Having said that, you will be able to get an issue addressed, in case there is one or get a clarification on the calculation approach.

After checking all transactions i finally found a transaction of 9000rs in 22 October 2022.
I think it was automatically categorised as a self transfer cause i never done any self transfer till now, as i said i have two separate number for two bank account.


Thanks for confirming. :+1: :+1:
Otherwise, we all here would have gone ‘crazy’ with those calculations mentioned.

Gave me a heart attack.
But yes, it’s the self-transfer tags :blob_worried:

@Surojit_Ghosh can you please mark this as resolved so that we can avoid any further comments here

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