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Title: Disastrous Customer Support: Account Blocked for Weeks


I cannot express enough my deep frustration and disappointment with this company’s customer support. Not only have they demonstrated a complete lack of responsiveness and failed to address my inquiries, but they have also left my account blocked for weeks on end. This level of negligence is simply unacceptable.

Despite numerous attempts to contact them through various channels, including emails and phone calls, they have chosen to ignore my pleas for assistance. It is beyond frustrating to be met with silence when trying to resolve an issue, especially when it involves accessing my own account.

To make matters worse, their delayed actions have caused my account to remain blocked for an unreasonable amount of time. Weeks have passed without any sign of progress or resolution. This not only disrupts my ability to use their services but also highlights their blatant disregard for customer satisfaction and timely support.

The lack of answers to my emails and the absence of responses to my calls have further compounded my dissatisfaction. It is as if they have abandoned any responsibility to their customers, leaving us stranded without any form of communication or assistance.

In conclusion, I am utterly appalled by the disastrous customer support provided by this company. Their failure to address my inquiries, coupled with the weeks-long blockage of my account, showcases a complete lack of accountability and disregard for their customers. I strongly advise others to steer clear of this company if they value prompt and reliable customer support.


I am writing to express my profound disappointment and frustration with the abysmal level of service I have received from your organization. Despite my numerous attempts to seek assistance and resolution, your customer support has consistently failed to address my concerns in a timely and satisfactory manner.

Consider this message a final warning. If immediate action is not taken to rectify the situation, I will have no choice but to escalate the matter further. I am prepared to file a consumer case against your company, highlighting the severe negligence and lack of responsiveness exhibited by your customer support team.

Furthermore, I will not hesitate to register a formal complaint against your organization on the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) online platform. This step will not only shed light on the substandard service you provide but also bring attention to the need for regulatory intervention.

I implore you to take this warning seriously and initiate prompt action to resolve my issue. Failure to do so will result in the consequences mentioned above, including the potential damage to your reputation and legal ramifications.

It is my sincere hope that we can reach a mutually beneficial resolution without the need for further escalation. However, rest assured that I am fully prepared to pursue every available avenue to ensure my rights as a consumer are upheld.

I look forward to your immediate attention and a satisfactory resolution to this matter.

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@Srikant_A Sorry to hear about your experience. Our Risk control team is looking into the same and will come back with a resolution by EOD today.


I have seen that the Jupiter customer care is quite good. Although your account might have different problems like some kinda money laundering or fraud activity for which the customer care can’t do anything.

@Abhinav_Goyal I recently encountered a frustrating situation where they inexplicably deemed my email ID as suspicious, leading to the credit blocking of my account. To make matters worse, I found myself unable to access the in-app support, which would have been more convenient. Instead, I had to resort to emailing them for assistance. However, my emails were met with automated responses, and despite my efforts, I couldn’t find a resolution for over 10 days. Just when I had begun losing hope, I received a call from Jupiter’s risk control team. Remarkably, within a span of only 12 hours, they were able to address and resolve the issue promptly. It was a relief to finally have my account unblocked .


They block the account based on the email? I mean like my email address is also unusual as it don’t have my name in it. I thought I should have an unusual email for my privacy. And you are saying they might block the account just for the email address. This all account blocking fiasco makes me feel that I should have the unlimited number of the bank account with each having my money equally divided. Although most of my money is invested but I keep a amount of my wealth in the bank accounts for the emergency purposes and if the money kept for the emergency then I’m just doomed. I can understand your situation and feel empathetic for you. Please update us once your issue get resolved.

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As per his last post the issue is resolved and his account has been unblocked.


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