Account have been frozen

My savings account is frozen…how remove frozen my account…

Same with me,last one month to till now my account also frozen,how can i resoulve this problem.this is cyber can i soulve

@Robinroy620 Please get the details requested by the Unless those are furnished, account will continue to be under the same state.

@Prvz Please check for an email from and revert to the same with the details requested.

Cyber complaint can’t be resolved without the NOC from the perticular LEA or institution.

Connect same with the perticular institution and ask them for resolution and the NOC.

But it’s too much deficult if you belong from another state, and govt agencies not helping public.

I escalated this issue via mail on 5th Jan 2024, but still no action taken from Jupiter side.

I have not received any mail from jupiter
Why did they blocked my account