Account have been frozen

NO any response for cyber care team

Hi, This is Arshad Subhani My Account is frozen without intimation which is 7777××××××6113 …A message appears as account has blocked or freezed in UPI app…Iam really shocked!!! Without intimation…My money got stuck…Very disappointed…what if we were in an emergency…As My KYC is verified everything…And also I have mailed to regarding this… If any Jupiter executives are reading this… Requesting to look into this… Thanks in advance

@arshadawesome the following blog will share some insight in terms time lines involved -

Thank you for your response…Before creating the topic…I Have studied all the things regarding topics…
What is the next process and my concern is all money got stuck :disappointed:

Hai @arshadawesome
As I can see from your previous post that you have already mailed to the cyber security team. Usually it takes some time to get response from the team. So I suggest you to wait for some more time.
Also, please follow the steps mentioned this post. This may help you

Hi this is padmaraj my account was freezing yesterday i send mail cybercare also but not open my till now… Please solve my problem…

@Padmaraj the following blog should help with the expected time lines involved -

Hi sir I send a mail to cybercare also not resolved… That is my problem… What is the reason to freeze my account…

Hope you have a mail from the cyber team and you have replied to it. You may then get response from them, but this process may take some time. So I kindly request you to wait for few days

Hi sir I have medical emergency I have insufficient fund right now… I need reason what the purpose to block my account… I need clarification…

@Padmaraj you may have to wait for sometime before your account is unblocked. So keep your cool.

As for the reason for account freeze, you need to contact Jupiter. You may not get the reason right away though.

Please try to think what transactions you did from your end recently. That may give you some idea.

You may go through the below thread for more details.

I understand this is frustrating. But in case of minor issue like what is mentioned in the below thread, you should get the account activated sooner.

Dear @Padmaraj, The community members are totally unaware of reasons for account freezing. I hope you may get the reason soon from the concerned team. Suggest you to check your inbox for mail from Jupiter cyber team.

dear sir

i need some clarification. im useing fi money and jupiter account both are useing fi money account already lien mark of my friend payment issue… thats y jupiter account is freeze it is right…? fi money and jupiter both account federal bank partners…

It’s been many months of the bug that the Jupiter money algorithm blocks the account with suspicious activity.

Sir, Certainly, it’s important to note that the policies of these two entities may vary.
There are also several users here who have reported their Fi accounts getting frozen.

Sir ur point is right… My both account freeze fi money and Jupiter…that’s y I need clarification sir

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@Padmaraj Dear sir, I’m just a Jupiter customer like you, and I’m unable to provide any clarifications regarding this matter. You should hear from the cyber team soon since you’ve already reached out to them via email or contact. Please be patient and allow for a few days, as this process may take some time to resolve.

@Padmaraj If both your Jupiter and Fi accounts are frozen, then I suspect the problem is with Federal Bank.

Of course we can’t confirm that. Only Jupiter and Fi can do it. Keep cool and you’ll come out of this. No worries. :grinning:

Hi sir

I received this mail from cyber care

Hi Padmaraj,

Your account (1642) is debit frozen basis of a cyber cell complaint against one of your federal account Ref #821/317/2023/22908230050670 Date 31.8.23 Tamil Nadu.

We would request you to directly get in touch with the Law enforcement agency (LEA) and make arrangements for closure/withdrawal of the complaint and for issuing fresh orders advising us to unfreeze the account. We shall only act as suggested by the enforcement agency in this regard.

Cyber Care (MR)

What I can do… How to find complaint details…pls help me…

This is good. You got some information to go by. So I guess the complaint must have been made on your name for Federal Bank to block both your Jupiter and Fi accounts.

I suppose you are also from Tamil Nadu.

Reply to Jupiter Cybercare and ask them for details. Police complaint no. (I suppose it’s the one given in the email), investigating officer’s mobile number/phone number, etc.

You can also try to call the police helpline and try to get information on how to track this. Welcome to CCTNS Citizen Portal

Cyber Crime: 1930

I tried to check the given Ref. no. in Tamil Nadu police portal. I am not successful though unfortunately.

Some progress is happening. So take it from here.

Also something I found online.

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