Account have been frozen

@Padmaraj from the little that I am aware of, the investigating officer has to issue an NOC which Jupiter should receive. Post the receipt of the NOC, the account usually gets unfrozen within 24-48 business hours.


Today my account got frozen. They haven’t communicated when my account has been frozen through email or any other means. Dropped a mail to cybercare@jupiter. Still waiting for their reply. Seeing the above comments, I don’t think it is going to be a smooth ride. Emergency fund of 25k got stuck.

The whole system is opaque, customer care doesn’t know why my account got frozen… why doesn’t the Jupiter team first provide the clarification when and why the account was frozen from their end. Why should a customer reach out to them only through mail? Why don’t they have a dedicated customer care number? Why can’t they reach the customer? Regardless of how this goes, I will stop using Jupiter. Experiences like this will make us lose the trust in these Fintechs.

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Law enforcement agency send to bank NOC also till now not unblock my account… problem solved… What I do next…

Please wait for 1-2 days … Hopefully it gets unfreeze soon

@Padmaraj Thanks for the update. Hope everything will be back to normal soon.

I send direct mail to law enforcement agency… Call back to law enforcement agent… to me… I will clear my case

Folks, let’s allow @Padmaraj more breather and let him follow up with the relevant teams and authorities to get his account unfrozen. Let’s not add to this anxiety by asking way too many questions, to which we have no answers or solutions.


How to withdraw money and how to close my account…

Already law enforcement agency send a bank to NOC till now not clear my account not unblock my account…

Jupiter cybercare might be having a queue. So it might be processed once your account is up for review.

As long as the NOC is sent to Jupiter your account would be unfreezed.

We would hate to see you go. Please reconsider your decision.

How to unfreeze my account i dont understand im going federal bank is not support

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Please go through this blog. It may help you.

Also, this post will be beneficial for you in getting an idea regarding unfreezing procedures

My account has been credit frozen still now.I tried to connect with Jupiter to get help, but I don’t get any solution.

@Shawnpinto @Nikhil_Godbole sir please :pray: help me to unfreeze my account.

My name is Jafar Shaikh and I have a Jupiter Account by federal bank, Account which has been frozen and is not taking any responsibility. The account has money which I have not been able to use and I have tried a lot of time to unblock it.

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Please go through this blog. It may help you get a better understanding of account freeze and how to unfreeze it.

Also, I suggest you read this post and do accordingly. Hope it gets unlocked soon.

So they are still doing this :confused:

Please unfreeze my account, it is causing a lot of issues, I am not getting any money, no matter how much salary I am getting, everything has basically stopped, please understand. No one has complained about this, if there is any misunderstanding, please resolve this issue as soon as possible and request you all Jupiter team.

I got very disappointed result from team Jupiter. They asked to close this account without solving problems. Even they don’t give exact reason behind account freeze.

Moreover I first saw a bank who don’t provide any solution and suggest its customer to close account.

What kind of harassment is this?

Gradually people lost trust on this platform.

Folks, while the experience is not that anyone would have expected, none of us know the complete details of the situations in both your cases that lead to your account getting freezed.

Contact the RBI Ombudsman to solve your issues. If you do not receive satisfactory help from these bank agents, it is better to contact and file a complaint with RBI directly. These banks do not fear their customers but would definitely be afraid of RBI which regulates banks.

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Hlo sir my account got frozen by Jupiter last day and after that they send an email that there is an law enforcement complaint on my account but i didn’t do anything wrong…they said they are getting the details and they will also share but till now they didn’t send any details…they only send a ticket number and the same thing that they are not responding…what I do please help me…if there is any complaint there share with me also so that I can prove myself because i didn’t do anything wrong… please reply what I do now