Your account application was rejected by our systems

i sent multiple mails to your support but got no help
Please tell me how can i fix this :slight_smile:

Usually when a user sees this message, his or her profile has not cleared certain checks before the actual account opening can be initiated

what should i do?

@_Akshat have you received a ticket #?

no i haven’t,
everytime they just told me to mail from the email i registered with Jupiter which if i did would have been that mail as i use only that email ID

sorry to bother you but what should i do?

@_Akshat based on the posts I have read in the past, when a profile is rejected in the initial checks, an account may not get opened. Having said, considering you have not received a ticket number on email, recommend you call the support team on 8655055086.

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ok i will try that
thanks for the help :grin:

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Same problem is it solved or not